Customer Total Experience


Customer total experience should be the main focus of all enterprise components. Instead of measuring the success by the delivery of final product, it is better to measure success by customer satisfaction level about his journey within the enterprise and his willingness to buy again and to talk about unconventional experience while receiving the service.

The total experience for the customer is the resultant of all what he went through to receive the product or service. 

Communication/communication channels

What determines customer satisfaction is good communication with him and success in what manage customer expectations which have a positive effect on emotional payoff. The more the client gets what he expects from the product/service, the greater the probability that please him.


Price is an important factor in the customer assessment of the service provided or product, but the scale is relative. What influences here is the customer’s perceived value of what he received compared to other references he might have. Apart from the cost of a product or service performance what governs customer satisfaction rate is the perceived value resulted from the total experience for the customer.

Place and process of service delivery

Humans are emotional even though they look logical. The client will not remember many details of what happened during receiving a service or buying a product, but he would remember what he felt. So we must be careful that the process and the place generates no negative feelings or experience. The smoother and clearer the process, the more satisfied is the client.

A Company is People

A fact that cannot be overlooked, the internal culture of staff is inevitably reflected on customer experience. A corporate group of people and clients as well. When the company’s members show their respect to the customer and their eagerness to please him in each and every detail of their daily activities, is surely reflected positively on the customer experience even if there was no direct connection between him and the members of your product or service provider.

Product and Service comes first

It makes sense that any of the above has no benefit if the product or the service is disappointing. Apart from the technicalities which many customers don’t know, what a customer considers about any product or service are the features that lead to tangible benefits. When we consider the customer comparison between what he received and what he expected as per the prior sales communications (managing expectations as mentioned in communication/communication channels) it will be very easy to predict customer satisfaction about a product or service.

In conclusion, it is a mix that we cannot weigh or find figures to measure in total. Although, the above points combined affect client assessment of what we call the total customer experience. Despite how much effort and complexities we go through to maintain a unique customer experience,  the client will assess this experiment by answering a brief question if he recommends our products/services to others or not.