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Understanding Digital Banking

Understanding Digital Banking 12/01/2015 By:  Stanley Epstein-Citadel Advantage Ltd published on Finextra The term ‘Digital Banking’ is, to my mind, one of the most miss-understood concepts in the financial world today. Ask any group of 21st century bankers and you will get more definitions than there are member of the group.…

Customer Total Experience

Customer total experience should be the main focus of all enterprise components. Instead of measuring the success by the delivery of final product, it is better to measure success by customer satisfaction level about his journey within the enterprise and his willingness to buy again and to talk about unconventional experience while receiving the…

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction degree is the difference between the customer perceived value of the service or product purchased and the expectations he had prior to the purchase. The Value Perceived; is a result of a mix of three components. The weight of each component differs from one person to the other. We classify…