Customer Satisfaction

Customer Expectations

Customer satisfaction degree is the difference between the customer perceived value of the service or product purchased and the expectations he had prior to the purchase.
The Value Perceived; is a result of a mix of three components. The weight of each component differs from one person to the other. We classify customers into three types; Passive Buyer; who is price oriented and usually compares the results he obtained with the price he paid. Active Buyer; who cares more about the process of acquiring the product or the service. He is affected most by his prior expectation of the process and any inconvenience occurred during acquiring the product or service. Emotive Buyer; this a person who evaluated the product and decided to buy based on emotions will be dissatisfied by any uncertainty.

The expectations of customers results from the mix of messages communicated to push them to buy, references they have from other competitors or similar product or service experiences, word of mouth of peers and relatives, ..etc.